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The HSIPC visits high schools across the lowcountry to encourage safe driving. Here is one of the Safe Driving Rodeos. Wearing “drunk goggles,” a high school student attempts to maneuver through the driving course. Students still wearing goggles, then took actual field sobriety tests conducted by local law enforcement officers.

One Text Or Call
Could Wreck It All

One of the most common, tempting, and deadly distractions for teens behind the wheel are cell phones. Distraction was a key factor in 58% of crashes involving drivers ages 16-19, according to an analysis of video footage of 1,691 moderate-to-severe crashes 6 seconds before they occurred. Crash risk is 4X higher when a driver uses a cell phone, whether or not it's hands free.


Interested in having the HSIPC programs initiated at your High School? Contact us at the bottom of the page!

Seatbelt checks are done at the beginning and end of each school year to show the effectiveness of our school programs. 

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